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What do you think of them? They look good to me, but not everyone could pull it off. I know i’m a little late with these scarves because it’s been around for a while now. I’ve usually seen these being worn plainly wrapped around the neck or most of the time, in a triangular manner. I think these scarves are really nice to look at, and can make a boring outfit look more interesting. It also serves as a symbol for

The keffiyeh is also known as a shmagh, shemagh or yashmag, a ghutra or a hatta , and is a traditional headdress of Arab men, made of a square of cloth (“scarf“), usually cotton, folded and wrapped in various styles around the head. It is commonly found in arid climate areas to provide protection from direct sun exposure, as well as for occasional use in protecting the mouth and eyes from blown dust and sand.

Just some models wearing them 🙂


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Model’s Own Style

I love seeing pictures of models sporting their own style off the runway. It shows how simple, crazy, weird, or fashion concious they are when it comes to their clothes. Well, I’ve found some models who have the same style and fashion sense as me – a mix of sporty, chic, laid back hippy. haha!

Some of my favorites are:

1. Behati Prinsloo – I think her style is more of comfort over style but still manage to look great.


2. Irina Lazareanu – I think she can pull off anything she wears.


3. Freja Beha – laid back and chill.



4. Bruna Tenorio – feminine, but not too much.


5. Aggyness Deyn – funkkky


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Freja has new EDs! She looks awesome. Now I see how much her hair suits her.  I love how androgynous she looks. She definately pulls it off very well. 🙂 I won’t post everything, since they are a lot. Only my favorite ones!

“About a Boy”

Next is “A Stroke of Genius”

little boy ❤

There you have it! All photos taken from thefashionspot! 🙂

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Let’s Celebrate!!

Oh my gawd, internet at last. Two and a half days of no internet! Those were the most boring days of my life. Haha, nah, over reacting here but yeah. Going online and checking myspace, blogging, and chatting has been part of my daily life then poof! gone like that. But no worries now! It is back. And I am back at blogging again.

Anyyyway. Just some fashion pictures!

Harper’s Bazaar Russia 08. I think Irina really looks great here.

Freja in Moiselle 08

Kevin Flamme for German Playboy 08 – he is too good looking. 😛


The Ne-Yo concert was great! Except that the crowd was a little bit boring. Maybe because they didn’t know all the songs, and only knew the popular ones. Most of the time, half of the crowd were sitting down.  I felt that they were wasting their money sitting down cause those tickets were pretty expensive. But oh well, their loss! Me and my friends were having a blast. 🙂

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Moussy ad

Freja’s new Ad! She looks great in these.

I love her hair like that. Messy but sexy. haha! She looks great! Hope to see more of her this season! 🙂

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Edit. She has 8. haha! I missed the one on her neck (back) which is a triangle. 🙂



Okay, It seems that many people search for freja’s tattoos so imma dedicate this entry to that.

She has 7 tattoos all in all, unless she added new ones this year.

She has one under her right under arm that says “this too shall pass”

An “M” on her right side

One on her left underarm which is a star

One on her neck that says “Float”

One on her left arm that says “redemption”

On her left wrist are 3 circles

And lastly, on her right wrist which says “this world tonight”


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Freja 2008!

Okay, more freja for the freja lovers! lol.

Some new runway pictures!

Y-3 FS

Future Fashion Show 08

She looks so pretty smiling!

Irina and Freja backstage, my faves.

I’m glad to see freja back in the runways! This means more new pictures! 🙂

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Vogue Nippon 2008

Featuring Freja Beha! 🙂

Source: theFashionSpot

She kinda looks a lil bit like Victoria Bekham in the last picture. haha! Anyway, I love these photos of her. I love how they did her hair, her make-up and her clothes. It’s so .. freja. She definately rocked the clothes. It’s cool too that they didn’t cover her tattoo in her arm (last photo) like they usually do. I spot 3 more on her arm (second photo) and on her neck (first photo) and on her wrist (2nd photo). I heard she has about 7 tattoos, and some piercings. That just adds to the list of things I like about her.

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