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Bored in the Summer

It’s summer time and instead of having fun under the sun, I’m stuck here at home doing nothing. Well, not exactly nothing. I’ve been watching tv and making myself fat. Yay. Ugh, I can’t wait to go out and spend time with my friends. I miss. *sigh* Well, blogging is one thing productive I guess. Oh! I’ve been ‘doodling’ all day since I got inspired by that video in my past entry. And I must say that I suck. haha! really. I really have to practice more. Practice, practice, practice. Hmm, to make this blog entry less boring as it is, I shall show you one that I have finished (or too lazy to make it better, so it will do.)My drawing:


Okay, for those of you who do not know, that is my husband Eddie Klint. 🙂 I tried drawing him as you can see but yes, it does not look like him. Haha. Oh well, I tried. I also did not scan that, I just took a picture of it so it kinda looks weird.. the angle and all. I just used a black crayon for that. I dunno who I should attempt on drawing next. Hmm.


April 2, 2008 Posted by | Art | , | 8 Comments