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I love watching these cool routines in youtube. Makes me wanna dance all day.

Jeff Viray choreo to Clumsy

Gina Lu’s choreo to Want You by Lloyd

JP San Pedro’s Clothes Off

awesome, possum. 🙂


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Okay, I forgot to put this in one of my recent entries, The Wonders of Youtube.

Her name is Gigi Torres. She’s a choreographer and dancer in the states and her choreographies are the BOMB. Okay, I just had to use that word because really, it’s like.. so fresh, so sleek, so cool. Her moves can be as smooth as water and as stiff as wood. (okay, did that make sense. lol) She has great musicality and everytime I see one of her pieces, I really get inspired to just get up, and dance (in the comfort of my own room of course. haha!). I really think she gives justice to all the songs she chooses to make a choreography for. It’s like she’s giving life to the lyrics of the song. She’s really an inspiration and an idol to me.

Here are some of my favorite choreographies of Gigi. I love them all actually but I don’t think it’s wise to put them all up here. Just search her name in Youtube and pop goes all of them! 😉

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