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I love watching these cool routines in youtube. Makes me wanna dance all day.

Jeff Viray choreo to Clumsy

Gina Lu’s choreo to Want You by Lloyd

JP San Pedro’s Clothes Off

awesome, possum. 🙂


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Okay, I forgot to put this in one of my recent entries, The Wonders of Youtube.

Her name is Gigi Torres. She’s a choreographer and dancer in the states and her choreographies are the BOMB. Okay, I just had to use that word because really, it’s like.. so fresh, so sleek, so cool. Her moves can be as smooth as water and as stiff as wood. (okay, did that make sense. lol) She has great musicality and everytime I see one of her pieces, I really get inspired to just get up, and dance (in the comfort of my own room of course. haha!). I really think she gives justice to all the songs she chooses to make a choreography for. It’s like she’s giving life to the lyrics of the song. She’s really an inspiration and an idol to me.

Here are some of my favorite choreographies of Gigi. I love them all actually but I don’t think it’s wise to put them all up here. Just search her name in Youtube and pop goes all of them! 😉

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The wonders of Youtube.

I remeber the first time I discovered Youtube. My friend told me to check the site out because all the episodes of “Meteor Garden” (a Taiwanese drama I loved before – and still now.. I think. lol) was there and all you need to do was to register and you can watch all the videos for free. I thought the site was great solely because of watching episodes I missed from my favorite tv series. But I found out that many real talents can be discovered through Youtube.

Just like HappySlip. Yeah, that girl who makes funny (but clean) videos! Never heard of her? then go on now and check her out in Youtube! Really. This girl can make anyone laugh with just her facial expressions. She makes her videos by herself – editing, script writing, acting and filming. She’s the #4 most subscribed all time in Youtube. Her videos are mostly comedy.. wait, I think they all are. haha. But what’s great about it is that her humor is clean and can relate to all ages. Oh, and she’s Filipina. 🙂

Here is one of my favorite videos of HappySlip entitled “Band-aid”

If you liked that video, go visit her Youtube account http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=HappySlip and her personal website www.happyslip.com 🙂

Now lemme introduce you to David Sides. He plays the piano wonderfully. What? Not impressive you say? Well, he does play the piano.. but he doesn’t use any piano scores. He learns the piano piece by ear and then he plays it. Cool, huh? I’ve nothing more to say except that he really has talent and the guy plays the piano beautifully.

Here is David Sides playing “Apologize” by One Republic

Visit his Youtube page here http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=kemlye1 he has done more songs like “Icebox”, “Unbrella” and “Kiss Kiss”. All my favorites 🙂

Lastly, I give you JP San Pedro. He’s a dancer and a choreographer who worked with so much artists like Omarion, Corbin Bleu and Marques Huoston. And, he’s Filipino too (or part)! Awesome. His choreographies are all full of energy and his style is fresh. I’ve read that he’s workin with NIKE right now but will soon tour Asia. I hope he drops by his motherland to teach us some dance moves!

Two of my favorite choreographies of JP:


I really have so much more to show you but yeah, it’s time for me to go sleep now.  Enjoy these at the moment!

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Height matters.

While most girls want to grow a few more inches in height, I on the other hand, want to lose some.  I don’t know, I feel really tall being around 5’8 (at the least) and I think I’m still growing O_o (hope not.) But it does have it’s advantages somehow like, you get compliments similar to “you should be a model” or “I think you’ll be a model when you grow older”. That really gets to my ego but at the end of the day, I still get insecure. I still feel a lil weird. Especially now that I’m beginning to like hip hop dancing. I don’t know. I feel awkward because of my height. Hmm. Maybe it’s just me.

 Butttt I felt better when I found out who Luam is. I stumbled upon some of her videos in youtube (youtube is love. haha!). She’s a choreographer/dancer/designer from the states and damn, she’s soooo good at everything she does. I learned she was around 5’8 too and that really boosted up my self esteem.

Here is one of the many choreographies which I reallyyy love:

Great huh? 😛

Oh and go visit her site at www.luam.net andddd www.wildchildnation.com

The second link above is where you’ll see her clothing line. It’s hip-hop inspired! Go check it out. 🙂

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Youtube is really really bad. Instead of me studying and concentrating, I go watch videos. tsk. bad. bad.


This afternoon, I went to another Philippine All Stars dance class. My friends and I were so excited since it’s been weeks since they last had one. The class we took was of Lema’s, and can I just sayyyy she’s super good! She is my new idol now. lol. Each one of them actually.. everyone got skills. Anywho, she taught us a choreography to the song “Can We Chill” by Ne-yo and damn, her choreo was beautiful. She, and the all stars are so inspiring. How I wish I could dance like them! By the way.. I managed to take a video of them! BUT. but. I did not bring my camera so I used my phone which has bad bad quality. Oh well. 🙂 Next time.

Oh, and now I’m lazy to study. I think i’ll do okay in Filipino, and CSDC. I’m not sure with Music and Physics which is very very long. Boo.

Gotta study now.

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