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Bored in the Summer

It’s summer time and instead of having fun under the sun, I’m stuck here at home doing nothing. Well, not exactly nothing. I’ve been watching tv and making myself fat. Yay. Ugh, I can’t wait to go out and spend time with my friends. I miss. *sigh* Well, blogging is one thing productive I guess. Oh! I’ve been ‘doodling’ all day since I got inspired by that video in my past entry. And I must say that I suck. haha! really. I really have to practice more. Practice, practice, practice. Hmm, to make this blog entry less boring as it is, I shall show you one that I have finished (or too lazy to make it better, so it will do.)My drawing:


Okay, for those of you who do not know, that is my husband Eddie Klint. 🙂 I tried drawing him as you can see but yes, it does not look like him. Haha. Oh well, I tried. I also did not scan that, I just took a picture of it so it kinda looks weird.. the angle and all. I just used a black crayon for that. I dunno who I should attempt on drawing next. Hmm.


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Let’s Draw!

Another thing I like to do besides dancing (ha, yeah right. lol), is to draw. I can draw practically anywhere, from the comfort of my own home to restaurants (waiting for the food) and in school – instead of listening. haha! But I can’t say that I am good at it. I have so much more to learn, and I like to think of my drawings as doodles. Well, i am once again amazed by the talent i see in youtube. Yes, youtube again. This guy under the username of EclecticAsylumArt has some serious talent in drawing. Here are some of his work.

A couple

Marilyn Monroe

Okay, after looking at all his awesome work, I feel talentless now. haha! Nah, just kidding. It really inspired me to practice more and do better. He has some very helpful tutorials on how to draw in his youtube channel which is in this link –> http://www.youtube.com/user/EclecticAsylumArt 🙂

Anyway, enough art talk. I forgot that I have taken shots of freja’s moiselle campaign during my short trip in HK. It was my first time seeing the actual store and the clothes they sell. They have very pretty dresses which I wish I could buy. Her pictures are everywhere on the store, and I couldn’t help but take some shots of it. I also uncoincidently went in the Moussy store which Freja also indorses. I realized only when I saw her huge photo inside the store. haha! too bad I didn’t get to take pictures of it. They also have cool clothes which are very stylish. Excuse the bad angles of the pictures, I was in a bit of a hurry (and I don’t think you’re allowed to take pictures. lol)


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Self Expression

There are many ways to express one’s thoughts and feelings. It can be through music, literature, dance, acting, fashion, and the like. Graffiti’s are one outlet too. I get so amused by them, even by the simplest ones I see. Some people say it’s a form of vandalism, but for me, if it’snot vulgar and its pleasant to the eye then nothings wrong with it. I’ve always wanted to do one – a huge one, like those on the walls in the streets. haha. Maybe when I am better and when there are actual walls that I can work on. lol.

Photos are all from flickr.

And my favorite!


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