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Hong Kong

I’ve recently been back from my short trip to Hong Kong and I must say, I’m missing it already. The beautiful surroundings, the friendly people, the yummy food, the huge malls, and the feeling of just being there is just great. It really is a busy country. It’s like, people are rushing everytime. From ordering our food to walking in the streets, everyone seems in a hurry. Haha. But the people there are really nice and accomodating. They even say “bye-bye” all the time whenever you leave. They also have a cool sense of style. Everyone looked good, especially in the streets which made me feel ‘under dressed’ LOL. The shopping is great, almost everywhere you look, there’s a mall.  Sigh, wish I could go back there again someday!

Just random pictures from my trip




March 24, 2008 Posted by | life | | 2 Comments