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Boots with the furrrr

Okay, I really really want to get myself a pair of boots and a leather jacket. It’s annoying how everything nice in the third world are either very very expensive or unavailable. Those are the only things I need to have to complete my wardrobe! … well, not really but it would make me very happy. haha!  I just went in Mango last week, and I saw this cool leather jacket. I looked at the price and went straight out the door. haha, nah. It was really expensive. Around..  150 dollars. Sigh, I really want a real, authentic leather jacket.

But leather is really expensive. So.. I’ll look for boots first. At least those I can afford and get real ones. I can’t wait till summer. That’s when I can get a job and earn my own money.  I get really shy to ask money form my parents so.. yeahp. Need to learn how to saveee.

Another random photo I chanced upon. Maybe I’ll put a new random photo everytime I blog now. 🙂

How do you like your eggs cooked?


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