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So today, I went shoppin! Yeah! lol. But befor that, I went to hear mass. But I didn’t really pay attention because this song kept replayin in my head. (the song’s Suffocate by J. Holiday btw.) I know, I’m such a bad person.


So I went shopping for shoes today. I’m not really fond of high-heeled shoes since I’m already very tall. Although I find them really hot. Pumps! too bad I can’t wear ’em. Soooo I usually buy flats, flip-flops, sneakers and rubbershoes. I got me a pair of Zoo York kicks. The guy (gay) told me that their shoes were unisex, meaning it could be worn by a girl or a boy. So anyway, yeah, I found the perfect pair which I eventually bought. It’s quite expensive though, but it’s part of my Christmas gift so yay for me! haha. Here’s a pic I found:

When I arrived home, I checked the Zoo York site and looked at some more designs. Then I tried checking for the shoe I bought to see how much it cost there in the States. Then I found out that the shoe I bought was categoried under “men’s shoes” 😐 haha! But that’s alright. I love the shoes, and I believe that women can absolutely carry men’s clothes. For example, a woman wearing big shirt with skinny jeans would look totally fine or even hot! But a man can never pull off a dress or a skirt. haha, I hope you get my point.


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