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Height matters.

While most girls want to grow a few more inches in height, I on the other hand, want to lose some.  I don’t know, I feel really tall being around 5’8 (at the least) and I think I’m still growing O_o (hope not.) But it does have it’s advantages somehow like, you get compliments similar to “you should be a model” or “I think you’ll be a model when you grow older”. That really gets to my ego but at the end of the day, I still get insecure. I still feel a lil weird. Especially now that I’m beginning to like hip hop dancing. I don’t know. I feel awkward because of my height. Hmm. Maybe it’s just me.

 Butttt I felt better when I found out who Luam is. I stumbled upon some of her videos in youtube (youtube is love. haha!). She’s a choreographer/dancer/designer from the states and damn, she’s soooo good at everything she does. I learned she was around 5’8 too and that really boosted up my self esteem.

Here is one of the many choreographies which I reallyyy love:

Great huh? 😛

Oh and go visit her site at www.luam.net andddd www.wildchildnation.com

The second link above is where you’ll see her clothing line. It’s hip-hop inspired! Go check it out. 🙂


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