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Youtube is really really bad. Instead of me studying and concentrating, I go watch videos. tsk. bad. bad.


This afternoon, I went to another Philippine All Stars dance class. My friends and I were so excited since it’s been weeks since they last had one. The class we took was of Lema’s, and can I just sayyyy she’s super good! She is my new idol now. lol. Each one of them actually.. everyone got skills. Anywho, she taught us a choreography to the song “Can We Chill” by Ne-yo and damn, her choreo was beautiful. She, and the all stars are so inspiring. How I wish I could dance like them! By the way.. I managed to take a video of them! BUT. but. I did not bring my camera so I used my phone which has bad bad quality. Oh well. 🙂 Next time.

Oh, and now I’m lazy to study. I think i’ll do okay in Filipino, and CSDC. I’m not sure with Music and Physics which is very very long. Boo.

Gotta study now.


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