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Youtube is really really bad. Instead of me studying and concentrating, I go watch videos. tsk. bad. bad.


This afternoon, I went to another Philippine All Stars dance class. My friends and I were so excited since it’s been weeks since they last had one. The class we took was of Lema’s, and can I just sayyyy she’s super good! She is my new idol now. lol. Each one of them actually.. everyone got skills. Anywho, she taught us a choreography to the song “Can We Chill” by Ne-yo and damn, her choreo was beautiful. She, and the all stars are so inspiring. How I wish I could dance like them! By the way.. I managed to take a video of them! BUT. but. I did not bring my camera so I used my phone which has bad bad quality. Oh well. 🙂 Next time.

Oh, and now I’m lazy to study. I think i’ll do okay in Filipino, and CSDC. I’m not sure with Music and Physics which is very very long. Boo.

Gotta study now.


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Oh boy! Exams are up! Oh how I miss those sleepless nights, headaches, and eyebags.


Okay, I’m so lazy right now. That’s why i’m ‘ranting’ here. Ughhh. So much dates, names, events to memorize and shit that I personally think is not useful at all. Why do I freakin need to know Beethoven’s timeline? like, wtf? No offence to the great composer/musician, but really now. Will that help me be a successful whatever? Except maybe if I wanted to be a music teacher in the future or a singer or something which I will never be.

Stupid. So stupid.

These are the sad times where I really get fat. Exams = fatness. I’ve been eating like a pig since yesterday – Take-outs (because they’re fast, and yummy too), Chocolates (BRAIN food), Coffee/Coke (to keep me up all night) and midnight snacks. Dammit. I need to move.

Okay.. I’m stalling time not to study. HAHA. I completely ruined my study schedule. Oh well. Hmm.. I’ve been listening to slow-ish/indie songs recently, mostly by Imogen Heap. They may not be considered “slow” to some, but they are to me, myself being a hip-hop and r&b lover. I’m really amazed by her voice and her songs. Her compositions are not that ordinary. You really have to listen to the lyrics and undestand them in order to truly know what the message is. Her voice is so.. mysterious? I can’t describe. She can get really low, and really high. Songs I recommend listening to are: Hide and Seek, Just for Now, and Goodnight and Go. Those are my top three which I have been listening for the past 24 hours.

Go check this too, her live performance of “Just for Now”. Really, REALLY good. 🙂


That’s it for now I guess.


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