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It is exactly 1:42 in the morning, and I’m not even halfway through with studying. I have to wake up at 5 am later because I cannot be late anymore because I think I have more than 6 tardies already which is very, very bad. And you know why I’m nowhere near done? because I started studying at 12:30 am. And what did I do the whole evening you may ask? Bummed around. Awesome, huh? I honestly think I have a disorder. I can’t study until it’s like, 11 pm or later. It’s like my brain won’t work until it’s super late at night. And I hate it! I have to cram all the time and fall asleep in school thus resulting to not listening in class and failing quizzes. 😐

Anyway, yesterday was an ugly, ugly day. I took my CSB entance examination that morning. Actually, I was so relaxed and calm since my friends assured me that the test was easy as pie and that I didn’t have to study. And they were right. It was easy. But I still messed it up! The time was too short for me and I don’t know why but I was really so slow answering! ugh. I skipped a big (BIG) chunk in the math part and the last thing i could do was to shotgun it. I feel so bad. I want to get in this school! Even though my parents won’t approve. And, I was late going back to the classroom for a good 5-10 minutes. Damn, it didn’t feel like 15 minutes have already gone! Good thing they still allowed us to take the exam.

It’s 2am now. And I’m not yet sleepy. Insomniac. tsk. Math will never ever be my friend. I hope I pass my test tomorrow!

Okay, gtg back and study.



December 9, 2007 - Posted by | life |

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