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You know you love me ;)

I’m officially addicted to Gossip Girl. It didn’t really appeal to me the first time i watched it. It was just like an okay, ordinary, rich-boyorgirl-falls-in-love-with-a-notsorich-boyorgirl series to me. But that’s what I always say after watching just the first episode. You really have to watch the second and third episode to get hooked. Well, that’s what happened to me. Each episode gets better and better! The storyline is really cool because it deals with teens like me so I can really relate to it. The cast is also a big, big factor – well, to me it is. Each of them, and I mean each of them, are hot in there own way. In my opinion the people they got for the cast are perfect.

The cast (from L-R standing): Blair Waldorf, Dan Humphry, Chuck Bass, Jenny Humphry; (sitting): Serena van der Woodsen and Nate Archibald


 Now what did I tell you? hot ey? haha. But the hottest of them all for me is Chuck Bass played by Ed Westwick. He’s the bad boy rich kid who loves women. His character is just so cool and suave, not to mention his super sexy voice and perfectly shaped jawline. A face of an angel but with an evil personality. Now, how hot is that? lol. A series is not a series without a character like Chuck Bass. haha!

I’ve just watched episode 10 the other day and i cannot wait for the next one! Aaaah. Chuck can’t go! without his character, Gossip Girl won’t be as fun. But I’m really happy with Dan and Serena, especially Blair and Nate. As much as I find the Chuck and Blair tandem super hot, I still think that Nate and Blair is perfect. I always like the Good and Bad tandem. They also featured the song Apologize by One Republic at the end of the episode. I forgot how beautiful that song is, and now I’m loving it even more. Hrmm, I can’t wait for the next episode which’ll be aired in the States this Wedenesday! Thank God for internet and torrents. 😉

You know you love me



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