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The wonders of Youtube.

I remeber the first time I discovered Youtube. My friend told me to check the site out because all the episodes of “Meteor Garden” (a Taiwanese drama I loved before – and still now.. I think. lol) was there and all you need to do was to register and you can watch all the videos for free. I thought the site was great solely because of watching episodes I missed from my favorite tv series. But I found out that many real talents can be discovered through Youtube.

Just like HappySlip. Yeah, that girl who makes funny (but clean) videos! Never heard of her? then go on now and check her out in Youtube! Really. This girl can make anyone laugh with just her facial expressions. She makes her videos by herself – editing, script writing, acting and filming. She’s the #4 most subscribed all time in Youtube. Her videos are mostly comedy.. wait, I think they all are. haha. But what’s great about it is that her humor is clean and can relate to all ages. Oh, and she’s Filipina. 🙂

Here is one of my favorite videos of HappySlip entitled “Band-aid”

If you liked that video, go visit her Youtube account http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=HappySlip and her personal website www.happyslip.com 🙂

Now lemme introduce you to David Sides. He plays the piano wonderfully. What? Not impressive you say? Well, he does play the piano.. but he doesn’t use any piano scores. He learns the piano piece by ear and then he plays it. Cool, huh? I’ve nothing more to say except that he really has talent and the guy plays the piano beautifully.

Here is David Sides playing “Apologize” by One Republic

Visit his Youtube page here http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=kemlye1 he has done more songs like “Icebox”, “Unbrella” and “Kiss Kiss”. All my favorites 🙂

Lastly, I give you JP San Pedro. He’s a dancer and a choreographer who worked with so much artists like Omarion, Corbin Bleu and Marques Huoston. And, he’s Filipino too (or part)! Awesome. His choreographies are all full of energy and his style is fresh. I’ve read that he’s workin with NIKE right now but will soon tour Asia. I hope he drops by his motherland to teach us some dance moves!

Two of my favorite choreographies of JP:


I really have so much more to show you but yeah, it’s time for me to go sleep now.  Enjoy these at the moment!


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So today, I went shoppin! Yeah! lol. But befor that, I went to hear mass. But I didn’t really pay attention because this song kept replayin in my head. (the song’s Suffocate by J. Holiday btw.) I know, I’m such a bad person.


So I went shopping for shoes today. I’m not really fond of high-heeled shoes since I’m already very tall. Although I find them really hot. Pumps! too bad I can’t wear ’em. Soooo I usually buy flats, flip-flops, sneakers and rubbershoes. I got me a pair of Zoo York kicks. The guy (gay) told me that their shoes were unisex, meaning it could be worn by a girl or a boy. So anyway, yeah, I found the perfect pair which I eventually bought. It’s quite expensive though, but it’s part of my Christmas gift so yay for me! haha. Here’s a pic I found:

When I arrived home, I checked the Zoo York site and looked at some more designs. Then I tried checking for the shoe I bought to see how much it cost there in the States. Then I found out that the shoe I bought was categoried under “men’s shoes” 😐 haha! But that’s alright. I love the shoes, and I believe that women can absolutely carry men’s clothes. For example, a woman wearing big shirt with skinny jeans would look totally fine or even hot! But a man can never pull off a dress or a skirt. haha, I hope you get my point.

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Ferrero Chocolate

How good can a tiny round golden ball be?

Veryyy good.

Okay, I’m talking about that ever so famous ferrero chocolate. I just got a box of them a while ago from our Christmas party and I have already eaten seven pieces straight. This is by far my favorite chocolate. I love everthing about it, the way it has three layers- the first coating is made of chocolates and nuts (i’m not sure what kind), the second is a thin crunchy wafer, and the third is chocolate covered almond (well, i think its almond. haha!) all nicely formed into a tiny cute ball. Oh, and the way it is wraped with a golden foil neatly tucked in this cute little paper cup adds to its appeal. The only down side is that it can cost a lot. If I remember right, three pieces of these babies is almost a hundred pesos.

haha, okay.. so much of talking about chocolate.

Oooh Gossip Girl’s new episode will air this Jan 2! I can’t wait! 🙂

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Height matters.

While most girls want to grow a few more inches in height, I on the other hand, want to lose some.  I don’t know, I feel really tall being around 5’8 (at the least) and I think I’m still growing O_o (hope not.) But it does have it’s advantages somehow like, you get compliments similar to “you should be a model” or “I think you’ll be a model when you grow older”. That really gets to my ego but at the end of the day, I still get insecure. I still feel a lil weird. Especially now that I’m beginning to like hip hop dancing. I don’t know. I feel awkward because of my height. Hmm. Maybe it’s just me.

 Butttt I felt better when I found out who Luam is. I stumbled upon some of her videos in youtube (youtube is love. haha!). She’s a choreographer/dancer/designer from the states and damn, she’s soooo good at everything she does. I learned she was around 5’8 too and that really boosted up my self esteem.

Here is one of the many choreographies which I reallyyy love:

Great huh? 😛

Oh and go visit her site at www.luam.net andddd www.wildchildnation.com

The second link above is where you’ll see her clothing line. It’s hip-hop inspired! Go check it out. 🙂

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Some avatars I made from the Gossip Girl series 🙂

Chuck Bass



Serena and Nate


Chuck and Nate

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Youtube is really really bad. Instead of me studying and concentrating, I go watch videos. tsk. bad. bad.


This afternoon, I went to another Philippine All Stars dance class. My friends and I were so excited since it’s been weeks since they last had one. The class we took was of Lema’s, and can I just sayyyy she’s super good! She is my new idol now. lol. Each one of them actually.. everyone got skills. Anywho, she taught us a choreography to the song “Can We Chill” by Ne-yo and damn, her choreo was beautiful. She, and the all stars are so inspiring. How I wish I could dance like them! By the way.. I managed to take a video of them! BUT. but. I did not bring my camera so I used my phone which has bad bad quality. Oh well. 🙂 Next time.

Oh, and now I’m lazy to study. I think i’ll do okay in Filipino, and CSDC. I’m not sure with Music and Physics which is very very long. Boo.

Gotta study now.

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Oh boy! Exams are up! Oh how I miss those sleepless nights, headaches, and eyebags.


Okay, I’m so lazy right now. That’s why i’m ‘ranting’ here. Ughhh. So much dates, names, events to memorize and shit that I personally think is not useful at all. Why do I freakin need to know Beethoven’s timeline? like, wtf? No offence to the great composer/musician, but really now. Will that help me be a successful whatever? Except maybe if I wanted to be a music teacher in the future or a singer or something which I will never be.

Stupid. So stupid.

These are the sad times where I really get fat. Exams = fatness. I’ve been eating like a pig since yesterday – Take-outs (because they’re fast, and yummy too), Chocolates (BRAIN food), Coffee/Coke (to keep me up all night) and midnight snacks. Dammit. I need to move.

Okay.. I’m stalling time not to study. HAHA. I completely ruined my study schedule. Oh well. Hmm.. I’ve been listening to slow-ish/indie songs recently, mostly by Imogen Heap. They may not be considered “slow” to some, but they are to me, myself being a hip-hop and r&b lover. I’m really amazed by her voice and her songs. Her compositions are not that ordinary. You really have to listen to the lyrics and undestand them in order to truly know what the message is. Her voice is so.. mysterious? I can’t describe. She can get really low, and really high. Songs I recommend listening to are: Hide and Seek, Just for Now, and Goodnight and Go. Those are my top three which I have been listening for the past 24 hours.

Go check this too, her live performance of “Just for Now”. Really, REALLY good. 🙂


That’s it for now I guess.


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It is exactly 1:42 in the morning, and I’m not even halfway through with studying. I have to wake up at 5 am later because I cannot be late anymore because I think I have more than 6 tardies already which is very, very bad. And you know why I’m nowhere near done? because I started studying at 12:30 am. And what did I do the whole evening you may ask? Bummed around. Awesome, huh? I honestly think I have a disorder. I can’t study until it’s like, 11 pm or later. It’s like my brain won’t work until it’s super late at night. And I hate it! I have to cram all the time and fall asleep in school thus resulting to not listening in class and failing quizzes. 😐

Anyway, yesterday was an ugly, ugly day. I took my CSB entance examination that morning. Actually, I was so relaxed and calm since my friends assured me that the test was easy as pie and that I didn’t have to study. And they were right. It was easy. But I still messed it up! The time was too short for me and I don’t know why but I was really so slow answering! ugh. I skipped a big (BIG) chunk in the math part and the last thing i could do was to shotgun it. I feel so bad. I want to get in this school! Even though my parents won’t approve. And, I was late going back to the classroom for a good 5-10 minutes. Damn, it didn’t feel like 15 minutes have already gone! Good thing they still allowed us to take the exam.

It’s 2am now. And I’m not yet sleepy. Insomniac. tsk. Math will never ever be my friend. I hope I pass my test tomorrow!

Okay, gtg back and study.


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You know you love me ;)

I’m officially addicted to Gossip Girl. It didn’t really appeal to me the first time i watched it. It was just like an okay, ordinary, rich-boyorgirl-falls-in-love-with-a-notsorich-boyorgirl series to me. But that’s what I always say after watching just the first episode. You really have to watch the second and third episode to get hooked. Well, that’s what happened to me. Each episode gets better and better! The storyline is really cool because it deals with teens like me so I can really relate to it. The cast is also a big, big factor – well, to me it is. Each of them, and I mean each of them, are hot in there own way. In my opinion the people they got for the cast are perfect.

The cast (from L-R standing): Blair Waldorf, Dan Humphry, Chuck Bass, Jenny Humphry; (sitting): Serena van der Woodsen and Nate Archibald


 Now what did I tell you? hot ey? haha. But the hottest of them all for me is Chuck Bass played by Ed Westwick. He’s the bad boy rich kid who loves women. His character is just so cool and suave, not to mention his super sexy voice and perfectly shaped jawline. A face of an angel but with an evil personality. Now, how hot is that? lol. A series is not a series without a character like Chuck Bass. haha!

I’ve just watched episode 10 the other day and i cannot wait for the next one! Aaaah. Chuck can’t go! without his character, Gossip Girl won’t be as fun. But I’m really happy with Dan and Serena, especially Blair and Nate. As much as I find the Chuck and Blair tandem super hot, I still think that Nate and Blair is perfect. I always like the Good and Bad tandem. They also featured the song Apologize by One Republic at the end of the episode. I forgot how beautiful that song is, and now I’m loving it even more. Hrmm, I can’t wait for the next episode which’ll be aired in the States this Wedenesday! Thank God for internet and torrents. 😉

You know you love me


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All I Want for Christmas

The air has been awfully cold these past weeks maybe because it’s Christmas!! woooot! lol. Well not really, but 19 more days! Time really flies by so fast. The next thing you know, it’ll be summer already! Anyway, this post will be all about my Christmas wish list. Yep. I’m bored.

So let’s start, shall we?

I really want my own camera. MY own camera. A nice one, because i remember last last Christmas, my mom gave me a camera which was cool and all but it wasn’t really that nice (i think it was only like, 4 mega pixels?) and it got all messed up that it didn’t function well after like, a month or two. I’ll forever be grateful if somebody gives me those big black cameras that photographers use. I’m willing to learn how to use ’em! lol. But a good digital camera with big memory and like 8 megapixels is also just as fine.

Next on my list would be.. shopping. Yup, just plain old shopping would make me happy. 🙂 And the first thing I would look/buy is a leather jacket. I’ve always wanted a black smooth leather jacket! yeah.. it’ll look so cool on me. lol! If I don’t find one, i’ll prolly buy myself some shoes. I really need new shoes since my feet are huge and I only have like, 3 pairs of good shoes. Or I could buy me some skinny jeans. It’s never too much when it comes to these. haha!

My third would be.. hmm. I actually don’t know. I usually have so much stuff in my mind when it comes to what I want for Christmas. I usually have a long list of things I want. I really think I’m getting old. I use to wake up early and help my mom put balls in our Christmas tree before. I would even get mad at her when she doesn’t wake me up. But now, I realized that I don’t care anymore. It’s weird. Each year feels less and less exciting for me. But don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas! It the time of the year where I get to see people I haven’t heard from in months. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I can’t think of anything else because I already have what I really need with me.

Hmm. It’s twelve in the midnight and I’m not that sleepy yet. I think i’m an insomiac. boo. I hope I don’t forget anything for tomorrow! Or else I’m dead. I think I have everything ready. yep. okay. Sleep-over tomorrow! I mean later. lol. Exciting. okay. I’m not making sense anymore, am I? Maybe I should sleep. Okay. Yeah. uhmm. Bye.

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