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The first post.

It’s wierd. I don’t know what made me create this blog. I don’t even write well. Hmm. I think this is like, my 4th blog or something. They usually last for only a week or so before i get tired of it or like, i forget that i have one. haha!


Let’s see what i can share to you on my very first post.

Today was not ordinary. Those people who don’t think first before acting created this situation wherein all the people around is affected. Although I got to go home earlier from school due to it, I still did not like the feeling. It’s like, you don’t know what they’re thinking of doing and shit. Good thing it’s over. Okay, you prolly didn’t understand a word i just said so, let’s change the topic..

Last Sunday, I attended a dance class by the Philippine All Stars (for those who do not know, they were the 2006 World Hip hop Champions) Actually, i attended 3 classes which were one after the other, and can I just say that that was a wrong move. My feet we’re dead by the third class. Nevertheless, I had so much fun. First, I was with my friends who are fans of them just like me. Second, I love to dance! .. even though I am not good at it because I don’t dance. haha! that’s the reason I took the classes in the first place. Lastly, I get to meet the All Stars. This wasn’t my first time seeing them in person. I’ve attended both of their concerts before, and I got to even take pictures with them! Anyway, back to the dance thing, they were really nice. I still get star-struck everytime i see them. Their style is just what i was looking for, too. It’s hip, it’s fresh, it’s cool. They teach with so much passion and love that you just stare in awe. It’s like every move they create means something special to them. It’s just amazing.

                                                Philippine All StarsPhilippine all stars

 The first class I attended was Mikey Disco’s House class. He’s a choreographer/dancer from the states. His style is something really new which is why i had such a difficult time! I felt really embarrassed because i couldn’t really get the steps. It’s like a mix of breakdancing and.. pop and lock. It’s cool though, you just really have to be a fast learner i guess.

The next class was Laurence’s. He taught 90’s hip-hop which was really cool. I love him his style. The only thing i regret is that i didn’t video his dance! Stupid me, why didn’t I think of that? Maybe it’s because we were all like, just staring at his awesome moves. haha. He even gave us a lil talk about having positive vibes, and not hating. He says that if you don’t mind what the haters say about you, and if you don’t stoop down their level, they will be the ones who will look stupid. He taught us real hip hop. The hip hop which wasn’t just about being “gangstah” and pretending to be cool. His class was really something.

The third and last class was Madelle’s. By this time, we were already oh so tired, I think I almost fainted. But other than that, it was all good. I had a hard time with her choreo too because I found some steps to be too fast, me being a beginner and all. But she really is a great dancer! I admire her really. The choreo was hotttt. I didn’t video it too. I know, I regret it super. But oh well, now i know what’ll do next time!

Most of the All Stars were there too, taking classes and supporting their fellow group mates. It was cool how they’re really close and down to earth. They try their best to make their students feel welcome.  Their classes can cost a lot, ranging from 100 to 200 pesos per class. But I can assure you, If you really want a REAL hiphop dance class, go take theirs. You would get your money’s worth, or even more.


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